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Centerville Library

July 17th 2018, 5.30 PM

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There’s three types of water. White Water – This is clean water.  Grey Water – This is a form of waste water, but it never comes in contact with human waste. This water typically comes from sinks, showers, baths. Black Water – Another form of waste water that contains human waste. This comes directly from your toilet 

by simply putting four or five of them in a muslin bag along with the rest of your clothes. They can be used up to ten times making them extremely cost effective, especially compared to other organic detergents. 

Use any EPA recommended laundry detergent or soap nuts, Collect the grey water or install laundry to lawn system as per guidelines below.

May 17th 2018

Union City Library

July 15th 1 PM -3 PM

July 16th 1 PM - 4 PM

Aug 11th 3 PM - 4 PM

The Grey Water Project is an organization aimed at promoting the safe reuse of grey water through laundry to lawn systems, using organic detergents such as soap nuts. 

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Soap Nuts are a natural berry shell that release saponins or soap when placed in water. You can use them in your laundry .