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Global Waste Water Initiative (GW2I) 
The Grey Water Project
Conserving Water Starts With Us

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The Grey Water Project encourages people to take action and conserve water. Whether you install a grey water system, fix a leak, or just take a shorter shower, every drop counts. This competition is relatively simple, but it personifies the phrase "Conserving Water Starts with Us". kids and Adults alike on their own or with their family can choose a water saving action and try to do it every day for four weeks and report it backon my websiteTo start your journey here's what you do-

  1. Register below for the competition letting us know your details 
  2. Choose as many activities you want
  3. Download the activity sheet and list of activities for reference
  4. Make a plan and follow it for four weeks. 
  5. Make a log, take pictures, blog or write a story on what you do
  6. Let us know your progress by communicating us through an email / contact us form/ post on FB