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Happy New Year and Looking Ahead

As the new year dawns, I look back on months of worry and sadness but also surprising points of joy. The shadow of the virus hangs over my family’s daily conversations - a simple "how are you" turned into a minefield when aunts and uncles fell ill. I am extremely lucky: my family and I are safe and healthy.

For many, COVID has pushed climate change out of mind, and understandably so. The effects of global warming are so massive and widespread that they are difficult to envision. It's hard to focus on the environment when there is so much to care about in the here and now, with the current public health crisis.

Despite the challenges this year has brought, The Grey Water Project has remained true to its founding purpose of educating others and promoting grey water reuse. The Earth Day 50 Summit, three months in the making, was transformed into a virtual reality experience followed by guest speakers and presentations by youth participants of the Earth Day Competition. I spoke at various venues and continued to host events, facilitate panels and engage people globally. Seeing the impact of the pandemic on education, I provided my grey water curriculum to teachers for free. It has been amazing to see my work recognized in a documentary “The Power of Us: Confronting the Climate Crisis” and I will also be featured in the new book "Girl Warriors: How 25 Young Activists Are Saving the Earth" which will be released in April 2021.

Looking ahead, I am excited for new opportunities the new year will bring. I will be opening applications for the Climate Ambassador program in the spring, there will be additional educational resources, and more soon to come. Watch this space on updates on these projects.

I thank you all for your continued support of this organization.

Here's to a wonderful 2021.

- Shreya

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