My name is Shreya Ramachandran and I am junior at American High School, Fremont. Four years ago, when I visited the county of Tulare for an Archery competition, I saw the first hand the effects of crippling drought.  California has been in a severe drought for many years now. I talked to people whose wells have run dry, leaving them waterless, and farmers who have lost their years’ crops. I wanted to find a way help people conserve water. When I went to India soon after this, I found that California is not alone in dealing with drought, and I learned about the impact of failed monsoons. Peoples’ lands had become un-farmable and whole villages had been abandoned. I was particularly interested in reuse of greywater, especially from the laundry. So I set out to research on grey water and also started my organization to promote the reuse of grey water. 

Conserving Water Starts With Us

Our Mission

The Grey Water Project is a nonprofit aimed at promoting the safe reuse of grey water and water conservation, through outreach, advocacy, policy changes and grey water curricula.


Our Vision

My vision for the future is to have grey water reuse follow a trend similar to paper and plastic recycling As the kids that grow up with the concept make it a part of their everyday lives, we won’t have to think about it, it would be automatic. To make this a reality I have created a water curriculum for elementary schools and I have started implementing them . 

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The Grey Water Project

A 501(c)(3) non profit organization founded by Shreya Ramachandran, a junior at American High School in Fremont, CA who is passionate about  grey water reuse and water conservation.

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