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What are the different types of grey water systems?

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Picture Courtesy: Courtesy Pasadena Water and Power

There are two basic types of Grey Water Systems 

Type 1: Simple gravity gravity flow system: 

  • This system does not require any pumps or electricity. The grey water can be sent to the yard/garden directly from the laundry machine or bath. One implementation of this type of system is a Laundry to Lawn System which is elaborated here

  •  Alternatively, this kind of a system can use a storage tank, provided the grey water is used within 24 hours, in which case the grey water flows to the tank and from the tank to your irrigation system / yard.  The gravity system would require the tank to be below the house and above the area you plan to irrigate. When stored in a tank, the Grey Water should be chlorinated to prevent bacteria growth. This is usually done through an automatic chlorinating system. The tank requires a tight-fitting lid with a gasket and all associated piping and valves should be marked as Grey Water and labeled as unsafe to drink. 


Type 2: 

  • The second system uses a pump to pressurize the system and push the grey water to your desired irrigation area. This requires the use of electricity, a pump, switches, etc. This system could pump the grey water uphill to any location desired. 

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