stem events

Available for workshops and STEM events to create awareness about Greywater and water conservation. Workshops can be tailored as needed to include a demo of how to  install 'laundry to lawn' system   

My hands on 'Greywater Lesson Plans' have been designed based on NGSS standards for grades 3-5. It has all the materials needed to be readily used by the  teachers in their classrooms. The teachers can present it themselves or I can work with them to implement it at your school.


Water Challenge

Take up the Water Challenge to build life long water habits and reduce your carbon foot print. This challenge is open to kids and adults. If you would like this challenge to be hosted at your school or work please contact us.

Climate Ambassador

Become a Climate Ambassador which this year will be sponsored by National Geographic. Ambassadors will learn environmental leadership skills and take action in your community  to implement change projects no matter which part of the world you are from  

Start a Chapter

Are you interested in starting a chapter? Educate, Inspire and Empower others by leading the fight to secure a better water future for all of us



We are constantly looking for ways to collaborate with people throughout the world and with other organizations. You can help us implement one of our initiatives or attend one of our events to make a difference. If you want to invite me for a workshop, use my curriculum or join the water challenge please use the 'Contact us' form

Let's Make A Change