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STEM Events

Interested in learning what grey water is and how you can harness it?


Contact me for a workshop or presentation at your school, club, library, community or corporate event.

The Grey Water Curriculum is a hands-on STEM curriculum aligned to the NGSS science standards. Students will understand how water can be recycled and reused in the community and individually at homes. They will explore how they use and save water in their everyday lives; connect these explorations to climate change and drought,  giving students the opportunity to connect science with real issues in the world around them.

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Under Water

Water Challenge

Saving water at home, at school and at work doesn’t have to be difficult; there’s many ways to reduce your water footprint. Join The Grey Water Project’s Water Challenge to find out what actions you can do and build life-long healthy water habits. If you would like this challenge to be hosted at your school or work please contact us.

We are constantly looking for ways to collaborate with people and organizations throughout the world. If you’re interested in implementing one of The Grey Water Project’s initiatives, requesting a talk or partnering with us, please use the Contact Us form to reach out.



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Climate Ambassador

Become a Climate Ambassador which this year will be sponsored by National Geographic. Ambassadors will learn environmental leadership skills and take action in your community  to implement change projects no matter which part of the world you are from.

Are you interested in starting a chapter?

Educate, Inspire and Empower others by leading the fight to secure a better water future for all of us.

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