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Building a Laundry to Lawn System

This is a simple DIY system which costs about $100 . Below are the materials needed which can be acquired at your local hardware store. The three way valve can be obtained from 'The Urban Farmer' store. 

Coming soon: List of stores & contractors (not vetted)


3Way Diverter Valve

 Your washing machine outlet hose should connect to this three way diverter valve which inturn will either connect to the sewer or to the landscape to be watered with greywater. The days that you use bleach or other chemicals you can direct the water to the sewer.


Autovent or AAV

Installed at a high point, prevents potential siphoning of water from the washing machine

mulch 1 from godaddy.jpg

Irrigation Valve Box

Each outlet is dicharged into a mulch shield with an irrigation valve box

mulch from godaddy.jpg

Purple Stripe Piping

1 inch PVC pipe (purple striped piping): Purple indicates grey water



Use ordinary mulch obtained from your garden store around the irrigation valve



This prevents back flow of water back into the washing machine

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