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Five New Year Resolutions You Can Keep

You all know and must be following ways to be sustainable: Eat less meat, bring reusable bags, bring your own reusable bottle, and use public transportation, etc., I would like to present five eco-friendly resolutions that will also save your wallet and reduce your stress.

1. Eliminate Vampire Energy

Vampire Energy is also known as Phantom Energy is the energy drawn by our electronic devices even when they are switched off. If you think you are saving energy when your device is on standby then think twice. According to the Department of Energy, energy vampires can add up to nearly 10% of a household’s monthly electric bill resulting in hundreds of dollars from your pocket every year. Use Smart Power strips to save money and energy. Take a look at this infographic from the DOE. You can buy power strips that automatically switch off your devices on a schedule or even remotely.

2. Use Reusable Batteries

Did you know that you are already using rechargeable batteries? Think about smartphones and tablets and how they work. Rechargeable batteries last longer and cost less even though they have an upfront cost. They continue to work up to 500 times (2 to 5 years) hundreds of hours more than the disposables. By using rechargeable batteries, you reduce toxic materials such as manganese, nickel, and steel from landfills.

3. Invest Your Retirement Savings Ecologically

Most investment funds include stocks in major fossil fuel companies, which means that your retirement fund may be contributing to the climate crisis even for the most climate conscious.

That’s why a growing trend in the climate movement is being more intentional in your retirement strategy and putting your dollars to work through planet-friendly investments.

Depending on your investment portfolio, this can take some work. But that’s why it makes for a great new year’s goal: You have a whole year to do it, and can break it into small steps to get there over the next 12 months.

4. Volunteer for Environmental Initiatives

Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the earth. While there are plenty of organizations to choose from, we would love for you all to be a part of our organization. The Grey Water Project is always looking for volunteers. We are working towards restarting our Ambassador Program. Our ambassadors will receive mentorship and funding for taking action locally and globally, influencing policy. Join our interest list and we will contact you. If you cannot participate in the ambassador program, you can also volunteer in other ways. Help us organize events, contribute to our blog, help with our outreach for our curriculum, open chapters to spread our wings globally, and much more. Please fill out this form so we can be in touch

5. Get Inspiration From Previous Generations.

Think about what previous generations used for take-outs, storage, and even clothes. They did not use plastic, wore hand-me-downs, conserved water, and lived sustainable lives effortlessly.

Before the use of plastic, people used stone, clay, metal, and wood to make objects. Our electric cables and switches were insulated using rubber. The strings of our instruments were made of gut instead of nylon. Countries like India and China used banana leaves for food packaging and recyclable containers. It's time to go back and embrace our culture and learn from our ancestors

Every small action counts towards living a sustainable life and no better time to start than the New Year.

Wish You All A Very Happy and Eco-Friendly 2023!!

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