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Interested in a Career in Water?

Water is the source of life. Water sector jobs are often neglected in the climate world. But a career in water can span many fields ranging from an Environmental scientist, and an Environmental engineer, to a career in a water agency, public policy, or even the UN.

Josh’s Water Jobs began in 2011 as an informal listserv with a few dozen friends and colleagues, through which a job posting was received about every month. As the list grew in size – both in the number of recipients and in the number of jobs – it became clear that the list was filling a gap where a website focused on international water jobs should have been. As more people got jobs through the list, the more the initiative to create that website gained momentum, culminating in Josh’s Water Jobs being launched in June 2016 (with Co-Founder Hank VanZile).

The first JWJ website focused on connecting people with jobs. It did this very successfully and by April 2021, JWJ ( posted its 30,000th water job!

Watch my interview with Mr. Joshua Newton in the link below

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