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Lives Over Landfills

Watch my interview with Dr. Richard Godfrey on his recent trip to Ukraine where he shares his passion to save both lives and the environment. He delivered medical supplies in need that would have otherwise gone to the landfill.

Dr. Richard Godfrey is a UCSF Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery, and he now practices primary care with RotaCare and the Ashland Free Clinic, following 35 years as a surgical oncologist with Kaiser and Highland Hospital. He is one of the founding members of LEAF- Local Ecology and Agriculture, Fremont, and still serves as the Treasurer. He is also active with many other environmental organizations in the bay area.

Working with PINCC (Prevention International of Cervical Cancer), he does missions in Kenya, Belize, Guatemala, and many countries. Work in Kenya includes surgery at the Matibabu Women/Children’s hospital near Lake Victoria, supporting a Primary School for Orphans on Mfangano Island, and beekeeping with a Hunting Foraging tribe in Kenya –known as the Ogiek.

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