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Global Student Prize

Top 50 Global Finalist

Girl Warriors Book

Featured in Girl Warriors: How 25 Young Activists Are Saving the Earth

PBS Documentary

The Power of Us: Confronting our Climate Crisis

Bio GENEius Competition 2020

California Life Sciences Institute Names 2020 Winner of Bay Area BioGENEius Competition

Gene Pool Competition 2020

Shreya Ramachandran (11th Grade, American High School, Fremont, CA) was named winner of the Biotechnology Institute’s Gene Pool Competition today at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization’s BIO Digital 2020 Convention.

Shreya Ramachandran, the founder of The Grey Water Project, a non-profit organization that focuses on water conservation, climate change and sustainability, has decided to focus on her environmental work and engage and encourage members of her community and beyond to remember to care for our planet.

Nat Geo
Earth X 2020

Taegan Yardley, the First Place winner of the 2019 International Young Eco-Hero Award, and Shreya Ramachandran's who started The Grey Water Project as they shared their powerful journeys about inspiring youth-led movements in their communities and around the world.  

Inspiring Young Heroes

Shreya set out to research grey water – the gently used water from household sinks, showers, and laundry – learned how to reuse it at her home and then developed a curriculum to teach others how to use it.

We Are Family Foundation

Shreya hopes water recycling will be a common practice worldwide. 


ABC7 Stars: Fremont teen trying to save lives by conserving water.

Google Science Fair 2019

Fifteen year old Fremont local Shreya Ramachandran was chosen as the only West Coast finalist in this year's (2019) Top 20 with her inspiring & inventive project on the significance of  water recycling.


A video featuring the YONO SBI 20 UNDER 20 winners list.

President's Environmental Youth Award 2017

Fremont student honored with President’s Environmental Youth Award

Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes 2018 

“I’ve learned that even though I am young, I can make a positive impact in my community,” says Shreya. “If I want to change something, I have to go out and make that difference instead of waiting for someone to do it for me.”

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