Press Release: International BioGENEius Competition 

June 2020

Press Release: Johnson & Johnson Gene Pool Competition

June 2020

Press Release: UN Youth Envoy 

Meet 10 leaders who can inspire you to change the world (5th Edition)

May 2020

Press Release: EarthX speaker

June 2020

Video: Inspiring Young Heroes

January 2020

Press Release: We are Family Foundation

January 2020

Press Release: Children's Climate Prize

November 2019

Video: ABC7 Stars: Building a Better Bay Area

November 2019

Google Science Fair Global Finalist 

July 2019

Video: 'Twenty Under Twenty" Award from India

January 2019

Press Release: Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

Septemer 2018

Press Release: President's Environmental Youth Award

Septemer 2017

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