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The Grey Water Project's

 5th Annual Earth Day Competition

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Thank you for submitting your artwork. Results will be announced on Earth Day, April 27th 2024

The Grey Water Project is delighted to unveil our  '5th Annual Earth Day Event and Art Competition' under the theme

"Artivism: Art for Climate Action."

This competition has evolved into a flagship event on our annual calendar, inspiring not only widespread participation from K-12 students worldwide but also serving as a catalyst for similar art competitions by other organizations.




  • Branding on our web page

  • Recognition at the event

  • Recognition via social media

  • Featured in our blog post



  • Recognition at the event

  • Recognition on our webpage

  • Recognition via social media



  • Recognition on our website

  • Recognition via social media

Thank You

Gail Blalock

Contributing Sponsor

Mo Vidwans

Community Sponsor

Kat Morgan

Community Sponsor


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Contest Rules

  • Who can participate: Students K-12 from around the world

  • Prizes & Recognition: Cash prizes for Winning entries

  • Teachers participating with 15+ entries will be featured on Earth Day. 

  • All entries will be displayed in a virtual gallery througout the year . Additionaly they will be displayed at various libraries around the US

  • Only new pieces of artwork may be submitted.

  • An explanation of the artwork should accompany the entry.

  • Each entry must be the original work of one student only

  • Plagarism will result in disqualification

  • Use of copyrighted material is prohibited. Plagiarized entries will be disqualified.


Click button for media authorization

Thanks for submitting!

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