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Treated and Untreated Grey Water

Treated Grey Water.jpg

There are two types of grey water:

  • Treated / Filter Grey water and

  • Untreated grey water.

To reuse grey water by either means they need to be separated at the source and should not be sent to the drain.

Treated Grey Water: There are many ways to treat household grey water before reusing them, including commercially available devices from showers and bathroom sinks or constructed wetlands. Treated water’s quality need not be to a high level if it is used for just toilet flushing. However, if other uses, such as vehicle washing are considered, it might be necessary. 

Untreated Grey Water: Greywater can be used without treatment, and studies have shown that grey water does not create a health hazard. If used within a 24 hour period, the grey water is managed and not allowed to stand stagnate, grey water can be a safe and effective method of irrigation and a viable means of recycling

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