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Segment on me from ABC7 News

One of the goals of The Grey Water Project is to create a society wide change around the way we use water. In order for people to change their water use habits or reuse grey water, they have to know how, and that is why I am ecstatic that the work I am doing for The Grey Water Project was featured on ABC 7's "Stars" Program.

The filming itself was a whirlwind. I was contacted by ABC7 soon after I returned home from Sweden for The Children's Climate Prize, and I was still reeling from jetlag. I was interviewed in places that were special to me: my school, and my local library, and I had the wonderful opportunity to be filmed with my friends and with the community leaders I've been working with. Despite the rapid turnaround time, the experience could not have been smoother. The crew were extremely kind, and when they were interviewing me, I barely noticed the time passing. I think I might have gotten them as exited about grey water as I am!

The segment aired last Friday. Thank you to all of you who watched it live - I appreciate your support greatly. If you didn't catch it on TV, here is a link to watch it!

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